There are two API versions available for use on the GatherContent API: v0.5 and v2.

In order to select the version, all request URLs should be prefixed with the version, e.g.

GET /v2/items/{itemId} would request version 2 of the API, whereas:
GET /v0.5/items/{itemId} would request version 0.5.

The above behaviour replaces the previous way of requesting an API version through the Accept header. This is still supported for backwards compatibility, but we suggest all requests going forward use the version prefix instead.

What is the latest version of the API?

The current version is v2

Is the API ready for production?

Absolutely. In fact, we use the API within the application.

Any changes introduced to the interface will require a version bump in order to be adopted. We will never introduce breaking changes to any supported version of the API.

Which versions are currently supported?

v0.5 and v2

When will a version become unsupported?

We have no plans to drop support for any version of our API in the near future, however when we do – we will communicate a timeframe with all our customers still making requests with the version being dropped. We care deeply about our customers and will never intentionally cause any integrations to break.