Happy paths 😃

Response code


200 OK

Everything worked as expected. Generic, happy response code, if none of the other 2XX are better suited

201 Created

Returned if we create a new resource

202 Accepted

Acknowledgement of the request but will be processed asynchronously (so the handling could still fail)

204 No Content

A successful request with no body - maybe used in the case of deleting a resource

Client error 🤦‍♂️

Response code


400 Bad Request

Generic client error, if none of the below are more suitable

401 Unauthorized

Literally missing auth token, or token is expired or revoked

403 Forbidden

Insufficient roles - typical if a user doesn't have permission to perform a requested action

404 Not Found

The entity doesn't exist, for all intensive purposes (or the authenticated user has no access to it)

405 Method Not Allowed

Incorrect or unsupported HTTP method used for an endpoint

422 Unprocessable Entity

Request validation error. More details should be provided in the body

Server error 🤖☠️

5XX Server error - hopefully these are rare!