Welcome to GatherContent’s API documentation.

Our API exposes a set of endpoints and resources that you can use to integrate GatherContent to other external systems and services.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible to get your content wherever you need it.

You can also use the API to import content into your account, manage your projects hierarchy, templates and folder structure.

The GatherContent API is based on REST. It uses unique endpoints to manage resources with semantic HTTP verbs and standard HTTP response codes and authentication. It accepts application/json requests and returns JSON responses.

If you have any questions or feedback on using our API, then please feel free to contact us directly. We’re always happy to work with people on projects and learn about the kind of functionality you would like to see added in the future.

Not a developer?

Learn about the other ways you can import and export your content to and from GatherContent using prebuilt integrations built by our partners - no code required.