List files

List files for a given project

Optional includes:

  • item_instances: Will include a item_instances field that contains an array of item id's that the file is attached via an attachment field.
  • metadata: Will include a metadata field that contains an array of any metadata that the file contains.
  • uploader: Will include avatar,name & initials fields of the user who uploaded the file.


File URLs

We provide three different URLs for files:

  • url: This URL can be used to render the file contents in a browser.
  • download_url: This URL will force the file to be downloaded using the original filename.
  • optimised_image_url: This is a version in the file optimized for the web.

Please note: For none Image-based files, all URLs will force a download and the content cannot be rendered in the browser. The current supported renderable images are jpeg, png, gif.

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